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MORINAGA Research and Development

MORINAGA Research and Development

Our Dedication to Research and Development

“I wish to provide delicious, highly nutritious Western confectionaries to the people of Japan.”

Morinaga’s research and development was launched with this desire as expressed by Taichiro Morinaga, the company’s founder.

Ever since then, we have been building research into raw ingredients, ingredient combinations, production technology, and packaging technology and then achieving flavors suited to Japanese people’s delicate tastes, developing unique new products, and proposing new food styles in pursuit of functionality and convenience.

Our Dedication to Research and Development

Our Research Division works from the viewpoint of customers and emphasizing the deliciousness that brings joy to many people, the fun that connects happiness and communication, the healthiness that supports people’s bright everyday lives, and safety and peace of mind as we endeavor to develop new technologies and evolve core technologies.

Research and Development System

The Morinaga research base is located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Here confectionaries, food, and frozen desert R&D centers and the R&D departments in our Health Division develop products, production technology, and food ingredients through its R&D activities.

  • Exterior view of the R&D Center

    Exterior view of the R&D Center

  • Researchers at work

    Researchers at work

MORINAGA Production Technology

Dedication to Production Technology

As a pioneer in Western confectionaries in Japan, Morinaga has consistently innovated its production technology: Morinaga was the Japanese manufacturer to begin bean-to-bar continuous production in 1918, and the first to introduce biscuit band ovens in 1954. Morinaga has continually emphasized safety and peace of mind as the first company in Japan’s confectionary industry to establish uniforms for workers in order to improve hygiene management in the manufacturing workplace in 1904.

  • 1918: Advertisement for the launch of Morinaga Milk Chocolate

    1918: Advertisement for the launch of Morinaga Milk Chocolate

  • 1954: Introduction of biscuit band ovens

    1954: Introduction of biscuit band ovens

Today, Morinaga still aims to consistently produce high-quality products efficiently in accordance with high standards and provide these products to customers, and our Production Technology Division at corporate headquarters and various production bases are taking on the challenge of developing new technology and improving existing technology on a daily basis.

  • Takasaki Morinaga Co., Ltd.

    Takasaki Morinaga Co., Ltd.

  • Production Management Office

    Production Management Office

Manufacturing Bases Spreading throughout the World

Morinaga’s manufacturing bases comprise four Morinaga factories and five group companies within Japan, as well as four group companies overseas in Taiwan, China and the United States, and these bases manufacture and distribute Morinaga brand products.

Morinaga’s Mishima factory and group company, Takasaki Morinaga Co., Ltd., acquired FSSC 22000 international food safety system accreditation, and we are implementing measures in all our manufacturing bases to improve product quality assurance levels and strengthen product safety management systems.

  • Morinaga Food (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (China)

    Morinaga Food (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (China)

  • Morinaga America, Inc. (USA)

    Morinaga America, Inc. (USA)

The Others R&D

Others Morinaga product
Others Morinaga product

Bringing peace of mind and
inspiring the world

The Morinaga Group is expanding from Japan throughout the world presenting new food proposals and growing our business.

Global Network

To those who want to become a distributor

To those who want to become a distributor

Morinaga is looking for distributors around the world. Please contact us by completing the inquiry form if you wish to distribute Morinaga’s products.

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