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Brand Overview and Concept

Weider in Jelly is delicious and satisfying in a short time, anytime, anywhere, and is a jelly drink that may supply energy and nutrients. When it was first launched in Japan in 1994, it was sold mainly to people who enjoy sports. However, as a new product never seen before, a package with a spout pouch with excellent portability and the fusion of "drinking" and "eating", it is now being embraced by many people as an alternative to a busy morning meal or a handy nutritional supplement.

  • Abundant lineup

    You can choose the one that suits you according to your life scene.

    Energy in: For you who are busy and do not have a time for a meal

    Vitamin in: For you who want to replenish vitamins that tend to be lacking

    Beauty in: For you who want to replenish collagen easily

    See R&D

  • Care very much about easy to drink and delicious

    Morinaga's unique technology, combined with the texture of the easy-to-swallow jelly, makes it a high-quality product with the following superior functionality and easy-to-swallow flavor:

    Energy in: Contains multiple sugars with different absorption speeds

    Vitamin in: Technology to suppress vitamin odor

    Beauty in: Technology to suppress any peculiar odor

    See R&D

Brand products

Brand products

Please choose according to your life scene

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  • DKSH Hong Kong Limited
    DKSH Hong Kong Limited logo

    Country : Hong Kong

    Address : 23rd Floor, Tower A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street Wong Chuk Hang

    Brand item : Weider In Jelly

    Telephone : +852 (2) 895 0888

    Website :

  • DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd
    DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd logo

    Country : Singapore

    Address : 47 Jalan Buroh #09-01 Singapore 619491

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, Weider In Jelly

    Telephone : +65 (6) 471 1466

    Website :

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Others Morinaga product
Others Morinaga product

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To those who want to become a distributor

To those who want to become a distributor

Morinaga is looking for distributors around the world. Please contact us by completing the inquiry form if you wish to distribute Morinaga’s products.

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