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The new chew with a difference!

Are you ready to try a completely new kind of chew? HI-CHEW's unique, soft, double layer, releases true-to-life fruit flavours with every chew. New from Japan, its mouth-watering flavours, like Mango or strawberry, will taste like nothing you've ever had before - that's why it's the #1 soft candy in Japan.

  • Double layers reproduce the real fruit

    Double layers reproduce the real fruit

    HI-CHEW unique double layer structure is designed to recreate real fruits taste. When you eat real fruits, you feel strong freshness at the first bite. Then,you'll sense spreading sweetness or sourness of the fruit's flesh in your mouth. This is the taste experience that only HI-CHEW can offer thanks to its double layer.

  • Abundant variety

    Abundant variety

    Which flavour should I choose? Choosing HI-CHEW is fun! Currently, HI-CHEW has over 50 flavours worldwide. Since the product was released in 1975, a whopping 200 flavours have been released. Seek your new flavour experience with HI-CHEW!

  • New dimension of Chewiness

    New dimension of Chewiness

    The sugar crystal control technology we have been researching for many years, combined with our cultivated manufacturing know-how and the high level of flavouring create the soft texture and pleasant chewing property, which are the biggest features of HI-CHEW and the juicy feeling that overflows as you chew.

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How It All began...

How It All began...

In the 1930's Taichiro Morinaga was trying to create a new kind of sweet, inspired by chewing gum, for the market in Japan. However, in Japan it is considered impolite to take food out of your mouth, so with great ingenuity he created a sweet that you can swallow but with the texture of a chewing gum.

...And so Chewlets was in born in 1931. The first flavor was caramel. It was different to other sweets in many ways, but what really made it unique was its texture. The creamy, chewy texture was like nothing else in Japan. This new sweet was a hit so more flavours were soon added with a natural strawberry the next addition. In 1975, after many years of hard work perfecting his recipe, Mr. Morinaga re-launched Chewlets to Japan as the wonderful sweet that we know today as HI-CHEW. True to being different and with amazing real fruit flavours HI-CHEW has gone from strength to strength so that to date 165 flavours have been developed and we have become the most popular chewy sweet in Japan!

We truly hope you enjoy the real fruit flavour and chewy texture that makes HI-CHEW like nothing you have ever tasted before!

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Brand products

Brand products

We guide you to the products that we are handling and the sales distributors in each country.

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  • Grocery Corporation Pty Ltd
    Grocery Corporation Pty Ltd logo

    Country : Australia

    Address : Suite 28, 22 Darley Road Manly NSW 2095, Australia

    Brand item : HI-CHEW

    Telephone : +61 (2) 8404 0240

    Website : http://www.grocerycorp.com.au


    Country : Hong Kong

    Address : 10/F., Ever Gain Centre, 43-57 Wang Wo Tsai Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, MANNA, Imported Products from Japan

    Telephone : +852 (2) 487 3453


    Country : New Zealand


    Brand item : HI-CHEW, Imported Products from Japan

    Telephone : +64 (9) 570 5792

    Website : https://tokyofood.co.nz

  • McKenzie Distribution Co., Inc.

    Country : Philippines

    Address : #86 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Libis, Quezon City Philiipines 1110

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, DARS

    Telephone : +63 (2) 638 2660


    Country : Republic of Korea

    Address : No.1502(Yangjae-dong, aT Center), 27 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, Japanese products

    Telephone : +82-2-6300-8181

    Website : http://www.imacro.co.kr

  • DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd
    DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd logo

    Country : Singapore

    Address : 47 Jalan Buroh #09-01 Singapore 619491

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, Weider In Jelly

    Telephone : +65 (6) 471 1466

    Website : http://www.dksh.com

  • Clippa Sales
    Clippa Sales logo

    Country : South Africa

    Address : 474 Sam Green Road, Germiston, 1401, South Africa

    Brand item : HI-CHEW

    Telephone : +27861244277

    Website : https://www.clippasales.com


    Country : Thailand

    Address : 122/2-3 Nonsi Rd., Chongnonsi, Yannawa Bangkok 10120, Thailand

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, DARS, MANNA, Imported products from Japan

    Telephone : +66 (2) 681 5081

    Website : http://www.sino.co.th

  • Bobby’s Foods Ltd.

    Country : United Kingdom of Great Britan

    Address : Saxon Business Park, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK. B60 4AD.

    Brand item : HI-CHEW

    Telephone : (0) 44 1527 872643

    Website : http://bobbysfoods.co.uk/

  • DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd. logo

    Country : Vietnam

    Address : No.23 Doc Lap Revenue, Vietnam- Singapore Industrial park, Binh Hoa ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

    Brand item : HI-CHEW, DARS

    Telephone : +8428 2812 5848

Others Morinaga product
Others Morinaga product

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To those who want to become a distributor

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