Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Privacy Protection Act, Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) expressly states the following with regard to the objective in the use and handling of personal information of customers the Company obtains and retains:

  • 1. Regarding Personal Information Acquisition

    Generally, users of (hereafter known as “the website”) are not required to submit personal information, including but not limited to address, name, etc. when viewing the website. However, users are requested to provide personal information (name, company name, address, postal code, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc.) while utilizing the following services on the website: the agent’s page etc. When the above information is required, the website will inform the users in advance and will not collect any information without permission, nor collect information beyond the specific needs of the page in question.

  • 2. Protection and control of personal information

    Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (hereafter known as “Morinaga”) manages the personal information collected from users with care. Morinaga takes all necessary and possible steps and procedures to avoid any personal information being damaged, stolen, leaked to the public, modified improperly, or unlawfully accessed. No collected personal information will be disclosed or provided to third-parties outside of Morinaga without permission from users, with exception of occasions below:

    Under legal requests;

    In cases of protecting life, health or property rights, where disclosure is necessary and acquiring permission from users is difficult; In cases where disclosure is necessary for national institutions, local public entities or all parties entrusted to cooperate with legally prescribed affairs, and when obtaining users’ permission may cause an obstruction to that process; In cases where Morinaga is carrying out the functions of the website, or in situations where usages of personal information is necessary. The personal information will only be disclosed to or provided to third parties that have been recognized by Morinaga of having the ability to properly manage and protect the information acquired.

    Please be informed that all users’ information collected via the Internet will be securely deleted within a certain period, after proper usage has been determined by the users’ conditions. (Information will be stored for 26 months after being collected on the Google Analytics system.)

  • 3. Regarding the Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information, and Related Inquiries

    Upon request, Morinaga will, after confirming users’ identity, take necessary procedures to assist users to disclose, make corrections or delete their personal information collected within a reasonable time frame, with respect to users’ own will. Any inquiries regarding the usage of personal information collected by the website, or requests of informing, disclosing, correcting, deleting, and the termination of utilizing users’ personal information, please kindly contact at "[email protected]".

    Please be informed that as Morinaga accepts your request to delete your personal information.

  • 4. Regarding the Entrusted Parties and Cooperating Partners

    Users may be contacted on behalf of Morinaga, via e-mail or other means, from the aforementioned third parties upon recognition of being able to securely protect and manage users’ personal information by Morinaga.

    Users’ inquiries may also be answered by third parties on behalf of Morinaga if Morinaga decides that the inquiries are to be better responded by the assigned third parties.

  • 5. Regarding Website Users Aged 14 and Below

    Users aged 14 and under must obtain the permission from their parents or assigned guardians to use the website. The guardians should only deliver their permission after reading the “Terms of Usage” and “Privacy Policies”.

  • 6. The Usage of IP Address

    For management purposes, the website will collect users’ IP addresses. Meanwhile, the IP addresses collected will be used for understanding the usage of the website and all webpages within. In order to a) protect the rights and services of the website, b) protect other users’ rights while navigating the website, and c) take necessary actions in accordance with the users’ conditions, the website will use the IP collected to trace or identify the user(s).

  • 7. The Usage of Cookies

    To provide better navigating experiences, parts of the website will utilize “Cookies” technology. “Cookies” is a tool in between the web server and browser, with the purpose of understanding users’ information and navigation records.

    If you prefer to opt out from the “Cookies”, you may change the settings of your browser.

    By turning off the “Cookies”, you may not be able to view or use some of the functions on the website. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 8. Regarding the Revision of and Changes to Our Privacy Policies

    Morinaga will continuously review our Privacy Policies and conduct necessary adjustment to improve our services. Please understand that the terms of the policies may be modified according to the results of the revision.

    The terms and conditions will take effect immediately after modifications have been made.

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