Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E.2562 (2019) (hereinafter referred to as the “PDPA”), Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has established this privacy policy(hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) and expressly stated the following with regard to the objective in the collection, use, disclosure and handling of Personal Data of the customers, distributors or the visitors of the Company’s website (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “user”, “you” or “your”). The Company will manage the Personal Data (defined below) with the criteria below.

  • 1. Personal Data to be collected

    Generally, the user of (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is not required to submit any Personal Data when visiting the Website. However, the user shall be requested to provide the Personal Data, including but not limited to, identifiable information and contact information, such as, name, company name, address, phone number, email address, mailing address, IP address and so on (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data”), while utilizing the following services on the Website.

    - The Distributor’s page (Recruitment of Distributors)
    - Introducing the Company
    - Introducing the Company`s products
    - Contacting to the Company

  • 2. Purposes of Collection of the Personal Data

    2.1 The Company strongly respects your privacy and assures that your Personal Data will be kept securely according to this Privacy Policy. As Personal Data deems to be sensitive and changeable, the Company will not use any of your Personal Data beyond the scope of the purposes of use without your additional consent. Your collected Personal Data shall be used for the following purposes.

    • A. For accomplishing any commercial contract

      To contact, perform, and communicate about the Company’s product, services and business administration as necessary for accomplishing any commercial contract. The Personal Data which may be collected, used or disclosed are, including but not limited to, name and surname, company name, address, phone number and email address.

    • B. For advertise the Company`s products and services

      To advertise the Company’s products and services or inform any news about the Company’s business activities which may be under the scope of your interesting. The Personal Data which may be collected, used or disclosed are, including but not limited to, name and surname, company name, address, phone number and email address. This operation will be proceeded under your consent.

    • C. The Use of IP Address

      For management purposes, the Website will collect IP address of the user. Meanwhile, the collected IP address will be used for understanding the use of the Website and all webpages therein, for the following purposes.

      • (a) protect the rights and services of the Website;
      • (b) protect the rights of other users while navigating the Website; and
      • (c) take necessary actions in accordance with the conditions of the user, the Website will use the collected IP address to trace or identify the user(s).
    • D. The Use of Cookies

      To provide better navigating experiences, parts of the Website will utilize “Cookies” technology. “Cookies” is a tool in between the web server and browser, with the purpose of understanding data of the user and navigation records.

      If you prefer to opt out from the “Cookies”, you may change the settings of your browser. By turning off the “Cookies”, you may not be able to view or use some of the functions on the Website.

    2.2 The Company may consider changing the purpose of use stated in the preceding paragraph to the extent that such change is deemed to be reasonably related to the original purpose of use. The change will be considered when it conforms to your benefit in general, or it does not violate the purpose of this Privacy Policy and it is reasonable.

    2.3 The Personal Data specified in above Article 2.1.A is necessary to the Company to accomplish the purposes as stated above. In case you do not provide all or any of the required Personal Data or do not allow the Company to process the Personal Data accordingly, the Company may not be able to keep your record of Personal Data, thus affecting the Company’s ability to accomplish the above stated purposes.

  • 3. Protection and Security Measures

    The Company manages the Personal Data collected from the user with care. The Company shall take all necessary and possible steps and procedures to avoid any Personal Data being damaged, stolen, leaked to the public, modified improperly, or unlawfully accessed.

  • 4. Provision the Personal Data to the Third Party

    No collected Personal Data will be disclosed or provided to the third party without appropriate basis or consent from the user. In this regard, the Company may provide or disclose any retained Personal Data of the user when the case is falling into the following cases:

    • (a) In the case where it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or in order to take stapes at your request prior to entering into any contract;
    • (b) In case of protecting life, health or property rights, where disclosure is necessary and acquiring permission from the user is difficult;
    • (c) In the case where disclosure is necessary for national institutions, local public entities or all parties entrusted to cooperate with legally prescribed affairs, and when obtaining user’s permission may cause an obstruction to that process;
    • (d) In the case where the Company is carrying out the functions of the website, or in situations where usages of personal data is necessary;
    • (e) In the case where it is necessary for compliance with the laws and regulations

    The Personal Data will only be disclosed to or provided to the third party that has been recognized by the Company of having the ability to properly manage and protect the data acquired.

    In addition, in the case where it is necessary, the collected Personal Data may be transferred to the parent or affiliate company or other organization located in other countries and that destination countries may not provide the adequate data protection standard to the PDPA of Thailand.

  • 5. Retention period

    Please be informed that all users’ data collected from the use of the Website will be securely deleted within a certain period, after proper usage has been determined by the users’ conditions. Currently, the Personal Data shall be retained for 26 months from the date of collection on the Google Analytics system.

  • 6. The Rights of the User as a Data Subject

    In accordance with the PDPA, the user, as a Data Subject, is entitled to exercise the rights of the Data Subject, as established and stated in the PDPA for each lawful basis. To support the exercising of your rights, the Company hereby declares your rights as follows.

    • (1) The right to access your own Personal Data.
    • (2) The right to obtain copies of your own Personal Data.
    • (3) The right to request deletion or suspension of use of your own Personal Data.
    • (4) The right to modify your own Personal Data or request the Personal Data to be updated.
    • (5) The right to revoke your consent in relation to Personal Data provided to the Company under the consent basis.
    • (6) The right to object the collection, use, or disclosure of your own Personal Data, at any time.
    • (7) The right to be notified if your Personal Data is at risk.
    • (8) The right to file a complaint in the event that the Company violates or does not comply with the PDPA.
  • 7. The Entrusted Parties and Cooperating Partners

    The user may be contacted, on behalf of the Company, via e-mail or other means, from the third party as described in the Article 4, upon recognition of being able to securely protect and manage user’s Personal Data by the Company.

    The user’s inquiry may also be answered by the third party on behalf of the Company if the Company opines that the inquiry should be responded by the assigned third party for the better operations.

  • 8. The Use of the Minor

    The user who is considered as a minor under the law of Thailand shall obtain a consent from the parent or legal guardian to use the Website or shall use the Website under permission or by the operation of the parent or legal guardian as required by law and regulations. The parent or legal guardian of any minor is recommended to read the “Usage Notice” in the Website and this Privacy Policy before delivering any consent or permission.

  • 9. The Revision of and Change to this Privacy Policy

    The Company will continuously review this Privacy Policy and conduct necessary adjustment to improve our services. Please understand that the terms of the policy may be modified according to the results of the revision.

    The terms and conditions will take effect immediately after modifications have been made.

  • 10. Data Controller and Contact Information

    Data Controller : Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

    Contact Information :

    Room 32/33,12th Floor, Sino-Thai Tower Sukhumvit 21(Asoke) Rd.,Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.Thailand

    Telephone: +66(2) 117-1572


    For any inquiries regarding the collected Personal Data or to exercise any rights as stated in the Article 6, you can contact and submit the request letter to the Company at the above address or by Email. The request shall be responded promptly after receiving.

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