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Biscuit Snack Technology

Morinaga launched Marie Biscuit in 1923, and installed 70 m long band ovens in 1954, thereby commencing mass production of high-quality biscuits. Thus far, we have developed a rich variety of biscuit and cookie products, including Marie Biscuit, Moonlight Biscuit, Choice Biscuit, and Chocochips Cookie.

In order to create the ultimate taste and texture for each product, development of biscuits and cookies begins with meticulous research of the conditions and from the careful selection of ingredients to ingredient combinations, kneading of the dough, cutting and shaping of the dough, baking time and temperature, and packaging.

For example, in producing Moonlight Biscuit, the dough is gently kneaded so as not to damage the dough, and oven firing conditions are set very carefully. This produces biscuits with a rich egg flavor and a wonderfully fine melt-in-the-mouth texture. Furthermore, in order to produce Chocochips Cookie, we developed chocolate chips that do not become hard, even when baked, and created the balance between excellent cookie texture and chocolate satisfaction. Currently, many of the products in the Morinaga Biscuit Series are manufactured efficiently and stably in factories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Biscuit Snack Technology Products

Furthermore, taking advantage of our strength as a general confectionaries manufacturer, Morinaga develops many combinations of different products, such as chocolate and marshmallow. We are also conducting research to assure product quality and improve quality stability, including the enhancement of product taste and the control of oil transfer to maintain moistness in semi-perishable cakes with long use-by periods.

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With regard to snacks, Ottotto is popular among many age groups, especially children, because of its light texture and uniquely detailed shape, which are created with blow molding technology developed independently by Morinaga.s

Brand Overview and Concept.

MANNA is a baby snack brand that has been developed in consideration of the safety and health of children by sticking to the melt-in-the-mouth feeling and nutritional value. Since the release of biscuits as a nutritional confection for young children in Japan in 1930, we have contributed to the healthy growth of Japanese children by improving the quality.

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Others Morinaga product
Others Morinaga product

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